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Hi Lizzy Why is investing in a Feature Documentary so attractive?

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June 15, 2015


Why is investing in a Feature Documentary Film so attractive?

The first major point about Feature Documentaries is that they are not index-linked. They are not affected by the goings on in today's stock market. This morning’s press tells of the European slide in equity prices due to the Greek negotiations falling apart yesterday. Bonds, Oil and Copper are all down. None of this effects the Feature Documentary Film market. 


Documentaries are at an immediate advantage over cinematic feature films for investors as they do not have huge expenses, and have comparatively little costs going towards cast, crew, special effects, marketing and advertising. They also avoid the issue of the stratospheric salaries of big name stars. Add all these factors together and Feature Documentaries can often be made for a fraction of what it costs to make a blockbuster (upwards of £10 Million), and the ROI can be astronomical.


We’re not going to try and sell you the dream and promise crazy returns, though they are possible. We keep our feet firmly on the ground and forecast conservative returns of 25%. Throw into the mix a Director with a 100% success rate of always recouping and this certainly supports our argument as to why investing in Documentaries can be a game changer for your portfolio.

If you want to reignite your portfolio and learn more about Feature Documentary investment then simply click the button below and I will get across a quick overview to you. 


Kindest regards,

Jamie Davison

Sales Manager

0203 282 7605

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