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The Post-Brexit World

Kevin Coombs/Reuters

Kevin Coombs/Reuters

In a wide-ranging conversation about the political and economic repercussions of Brexit on the United Kingdom (UK), Europe, and the world, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) President Richard Haass and Center for Geoeconomic Studies (CGS) Senior Fellow Sebastian Mallaby assess risks to the political integrity of both the UK and the European Union and discuss new headwinds facing global growth.

Listen to the call / Read the transcript »



The Case for Fiscal Action

CFR Senior Fellow Brad Setser writes in his Follow the Money blog that fiscal action is needed to counteract Brexit’s negative shock to the eurozone and overcome weakness in the European banking sector. Read the post »

Brexit’s Threat to Global Growth

The Leave vote may have been a mistake, but it was not another “Lehman moment,” argues CFR Senior Fellow Robert Kahn in a Macro and Markets blog post. He assesses Brexit’s aftershocks, outlines the slower global growth environment, and makes the case for cautious optimism. Read the post »

Why the Leave Vote Matters in November

What does Britain’s vote to leave the European Union mean for Americans? According to CFR Senior Fellow Benn Steil and Analyst Emma Smith, it might decide who wins in November.  Read their op-ed »

The World Next Week Podcast: Special Brexit Edition

Mallaby and Kahn join CFR Director of Studies Jim Lindsay for an in-depth discussion of Brexit’s implications. Listen to the podcast »


New Blog: Follow the Money

Check out Follow the Money, a new blog from CFR Senior Fellow Brad Setser focused on the global economy, particularly the current U.S. account deficit, China, central bank reserves and the global flow of funds. Subscribe to the blog here »



Abenomics Is Not Working

In the wake of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s landslide reelection, Setser explores why his signature “Abenomics” reform plan has been struggling to show results. Setser argues fiscal consolidation and tax policy shifts have created obstacles to household consumption. Read the post »

The Perils of a Stronger Yen

On their Geo-Graphics blog, Steil and Smith analyze the risks of the yen’s marked appreciation in recent weeks. If the trend continues unabated, the United States might have no choice but to designate Japan a currency manipulator. Read the post »



The BRICS Trade Contraction

On Follow the Money, Setser looks at an important economic trend: falling commodity prices. Sustained dips in oil, iron, and copper prices have squeezed commodity-exporting BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), reducing their ability to purchase imports. Read the post »

China’s Asymmetric Basket Peg

Setser breaks down the Chinese government’s reference to a foreign-exchange basket and explores how the yuan will be managed in the future. Read the post »



Next Steps on Clean Energy

Last month, CFR Fellow Varun Sivaram sat down with Foreign Affairs’ deputy managing editor to discuss how to move forward on clean energy in the wake of the Paris climate accord.  Watch the interview »

The Necessity of a Debt Restructuring for Puerto Rico

President Barack Obama recently signed the Puerto Rico debt restructuring bill, PROMESA, into law. Setser argues why it is needed to help alleviate the island’s unique fiscal crisis. Read the post »





A Conversation with Britain’s New Prime Minister

Newly inaugurated British Prime Minister Theresa May visited CFR in 2011 and spoke about her role as home secretary, its challenges, and the insights she gained.  Watch the video / Read the transcript »

The Renewed Importance of Currency Swap Lines

In the aftermath of the Leave vote and subsequent market uncertainty, UK Chancellor George Osborne has argued that currency swap lines are a critical tool for the Bank of England to try to contain the fallout. Steil’s 2015 interactive explains just what those are. View the interactive »


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