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Digital and Cyberspace Update

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Using Incentives to Shape the Zero-Day Market



There has been a growing debate over the role the U.S. government could and should play in regulating the buying and selling of previously unknown computer vulnerabilities known as zero-days. CFR Senior Fellow Adam Segal explores the options at the U.S. government's disposal. Read more »

Telling Russia to Stop Messing With U.S. Elections



The Department of Homeland Security has warned U.S. election officials about cyberattacks targeting voting infrastructure. The move came after reports of alleged Russian targeting of election rolls in Illinois and Arizona. Whitney Shepardson Senior Fellow Rob Knake argues that much more than a warning is needed. In his view, Congress should put Moscow on notice.  Read more »


More on Russia

Fall behind on the news over the summer? Catch up on the alleged Russian cyber incident against the Democratic National Committee with Adam Segal and others on Charlie Rose



Shouting at Americans: A Peek Into French Signals Intelligence

The former head of French signals intelligence recently mused about his time as one of France’s top spies, sharing stories that were probably best kept under wraps. CFR Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program Assistant Director Alex Grigsby translates the highlights.  Read more »

A Common Insurance Fund to Improve the U.S.-China Cyber Relationship

Last month marked the one year anniversary of the U.S.-China deal prohibiting cyber espionage for commercial gain. Guest contributor Fred Tsai proposes a common insurance fund to help both sides keep their end of the bargain.  Read more »

The Problem With the United Nations Setting Tech Standards for Your Internet Devices

This month, the International Telecommunication Union will gather in Tunisia to establish standards and technical specifications for certain internet-connected devices. Guest contributor Dominique Lazanski explores why UN institutions are bad venues for setting tech standards.  Read more »




Inside the Diabolical Ukrainian Hack That Put the U.S. Grid on High Alert,” by Blake Sobczak and Peter Behr, Energy Wire

An Etiquette Guide to the African Internet,” by Morris Kiruga, Guardian

Everything You Know About the Vulnerabilities Equities Process Is Wrong,” by Dave Aitel and Matt Tait, Lawfare, with a reply from Mailyn Fidler, rebuttal from Aitel, and last word from Fidler.  



The Digital and Cyberspace Policy program addresses one of the twenty-first century’s most pressing challenges: keeping the global Internet open and secure in the face of unprecedented threats. Through briefings, reports, and the Net Politics blog, the program’s fellows produce timely analysis on the most important issues in cyberspace. Cyber Briefs are short memos that offer concrete recommendations on cybersecurity, Internet governance, online privacy, and the trade of digital goods and services.

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