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Trump Renegotiates NAFTA, Preventing Another Equifax, and More

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Digital and Cyberspace Update

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The Trump Administration, Digital Trade, and Modernizing NAFTA



As national economies become more digitized, countries are erecting barriers to digital trade. These barriers limit opportunities for consumers to access global providers and for small- and medium-sized enterprises to reach new customers. Anupam Chander examines President Donald J. Trump’s priorities for the NAFTA renegotiation and suggests ways in which a modernized NAFTA could set the gold standard for digital free trade. Read more »

To Prevent Another Equifax Breach, Treat Data Leaks Like Oil Spills



Responses to massive data breaches have become almost routine. The markets will take a chunk out of Equifax, everyone will get free credit monitoring by the same company that lost your data in the first place, and lawsuits will be filed. CFR Senior Fellow Robert K. Knake argues that treating data breaches like oil spills might make them less commonplace. Read more »


The Hacked World Order in Paperback

Adam Segal’s The Hacked World Order is now out in paperback, with updates on the hack of the Democratic National Committee, Russia’s cyber operations, and the U.S.-China cyber relationship. Pick up your copy today!



Bashing Facebook Is Not the Answer to Curbing Russian Influence Operations

Scapegoating Facebook is an easy way to explain the relative success of Russia's influence operations during the U.S. election in 2016. Guest contributors Jamie Collier and Monica Kaminska argue that although this is satisfying, it distracts from more fundamental questions on how election meddling should be confronted. Read more »

The Implications of India’s Right-to-Privacy Decision

In August, India’s Supreme Court affirmed for the first time that Indians have a constitutional right to privacy. Guest contributor Chinmayi Arun unpacks the court’s decision and what it might mean for U.S. tech firms operating in the country. Read more »

Brazil’s Internet Is Under Attack, Again

Since 1995, Brazil’s internet has been governed by a steering committee of governmental and private-sector members known as In August, the Brazilian government launched a public consultation to alter its powers, a move critics fear could lead to more government control. Guest contributors Daniel Arnaudo and Robert Muggah explain. Read more »




RT, Sputnik and Russia’s New Theory of War” by Jim Rutenberg, New York Times

Google’s Anti-Bullying AI Mistakes Civility for Decency,” by Jillian York, Motherboard

Software Is a Long Con,” by Quinn Norton, EmptyWheel



The Digital and Cyberspace Policy program addresses one of the twenty-first century’s most pressing challenges: keeping the global Internet open and secure in the face of unprecedented threats. Through briefings, reports, and the Net Politics blog, the program’s fellows produce timely analysis on the most important issues in cyberspace. Cyber Briefs are short memos that offer concrete recommendations on cybersecurity, Internet governance, online privacy, and the trade of digital goods and services.

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