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Jordan's Refugee Experiment

Sponsored by Northeastern University
Syrian children decorate a wall at their school in Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp, March 2014.  It's time to provide refugees with education and jobs.
Jordan's Refugee Experiment
A New Model for Helping the Displaced
By Alexander Betts and Paul Collier
Demonstrators protest against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) as they ask for changes to a peace agreement between FARC and President Juan Manuel Santos' government in Bogota, Colombia, April 2016. The sign reads 'Peace without impunity'
No Cheap Talk
Colombia's Risky Push for Peace
By Román D. Ortiz
Slovakia's Illiberal Attempts
Behind Its Anti-Democratic Rhetoric
By Dariusz Kalan
Advertisement: Northeastern University
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Secrets don’t make friends: Edward Snowden appearing from Moscow, September 2015.
The Age of Transparency
International Relations Without Secrets
By Sean P. Larkin
Leading For What's Next is an executive education program from Foreign Affairs and Duke Corporate Education, designed to engage leaders in business and government. Simulations and panel discussions will focus around the central problems of modern business: Increasing digital efficiency, managing slow population growth, and protecting against cybernetic attacks.

You must request an invitation to be considered for this day of leadership training. Confirmed speakers include General Martin Dempsey, Coca-Cola's Chief Sustainability Officer Bea Perez, Dina Powell of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, and many more. Visit for details.
The Economics of Living at the Top of the World
Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, which sits some 700 miles from the North Pole, is barren when it comes to people but abundant in coal. For decades, anyone who settled there was primarily in the area to mine, but in 2013, hit by low oil prices, coal became unprofitable and Norway decided to diversify away from fossil fuels. It committed to developing more renewable energy sources, transitioning slowly from oil to gas and selling off coal stocks from its $900 billion sovereign wealth fund, the largest in the world.
Abandonded Borders After Schengen
The Schengen Agreement, signed in 1985, gave Europeans visa-free travel through 26 countries. Today, the physical proof of that can be found at every border where dozens of immigration posts lay in disrepair. But with hundreds of thousands of North African and Middle Eastern migrants having turned up on Europe's shores, these forgotten posts may soon be busy again.
Crying Wolf
Egypt's finger-pointing belies bigger problems in the country—issues that could unravel the regime of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.
By Allison McManus and Jacob Greene
Russian Politics Under Putin
Despite his image as an all-powerful tsar, Russian President Vladimir Putin has never managed to build a bureaucratically successful authoritarian state. Instead, he has merely crafted his own version of sistema, a deep state has long shaped Russian politics and society—and that will outlast Putin himself. 
By Gleb Pavlovsky
The Once and Future Superpower
Economic growth no longer translates as directly into military power as it did in the past. So rather than expecting a rising China to seize the United States’ preeminent position in the global order, everyone should start getting used to a world in which the United States remains the sole superpower for decades to come.
By Stephen G. Brooks and William C. Wohlforth
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