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A woman picking cotton in the Armenian USSR in the 1930s.
Political Science
What the Reappraisal of Soviet Russia's Top Agricultural Mastermind Says About Putin's Russia
By Loren R. Graham
A child stands next to houses that government officials demolished during a special security operation called "Operation to Free the People" (OLP) in Valencia, September 2015.
Maduro Cracks Down
Venezuela's Human Rights Crisis
By By Rafael Uzcátegui and José Miguel Vivanco
A worker carries a bundle of sugarcane on his head at a farmland near Modinagar in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, India, March 4, 2016.
India's Land for Rent
The Future of Indian Land Reform
By Tim Hanstad
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Securing Europe's Borders
The First Step to a Comprehensive Asylum Policy
By Matteo Garavoglia
Libya's Unity Problem
And How the West Contributes
By Alexander Decina
Leading For What's Next is an executive education program from Foreign Affairs and Duke Corporate Education, designed to engage leaders in business and government. Simulations and panel discussions will focus around the central problems of modern business: Increasing digital efficiency, managing slow population growth, and protecting against cybernetic attacks.

You must request an invitation to be considered for this day of leadership training. Confirmed speakers include General Martin Dempsey, Coca-Cola's Chief Sustainability Officer Bea Perez, Dina Powell of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, and many more. Visit for details.
Jordan's Refugee Experiment
In October, Foreign Affairs published our proposal for a new approach to the Syrian refugee crisis. By allowing displaced Syrians to work in special economic zones in Jordan, we argued, Amman could provide displaced Syrians with the jobs, education, and autonomy they need while advancing its own industrial development. Since our article was published, our idea has gained political traction, and a pilot program will likely begin this summer.
By Alexander Betts and Paul Collier
Slovakia Stumbles
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is often compared to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, but in Slovakia, which had largely shaken its illiberal past, the situation today is more complicated.
By Dariusz Kalan
No Cheap Talk
On March 30, 2016, the Colombian government announced that it had begun negotiations with the National Liberation Army (ELN), the country’s second-largest armed group after the FARC. But it remains unclear whether the talks will put an end to the mixture of insurgency, organized crime, and vigilante violence that has plagued Colombia for years or whether they will instead unleash a spiral of instability that will plunge the country into a deeper security crisis.
By Román D. Ortiz
The Age of Transparency
Transparency has long been a rare commodity in international affairs. But today, the forces of technology are ushering in a new age of openness that would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago.
By Sean P. Larkin
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