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Bahrain's Dragon City

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Bahrain's Dragon City
China's Megamall Ambitions in the Middle East
By Sara Birkenthal
Sunni Muslims who fled the Islamic State's strongholds of Hawija and Shirqat arrive at a refugee centre in Makhmour, south of Mosul, Iraq, February 14, 2016. Picture taken February 14, 2016.
Sectarianism and the Protests in Baghdad
How to Make Iraq a Viable State
By Nussaibah Younis
Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom builds a pipeline outside city of Ukhta December 3, 2008.
Putin's Arctic Ambitions
Russia's Economic Aspirations in the Far North
By George Soroka
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Nothing to see here: a Russian serviceman in Crimea, March 2014. The question of why Putin decided to annex the territory is of more than historical interest.
Why Putin Took Crimea
The Gambler in the Kremlin
By Daniel Treisman
Germany Courts China
Over the years, as relations between China and the United States have grown more adversarial—from maritime clashes over the South China Sea to economic ones over currency manipulation—Europe, and in particular Germany, the continent’s de-facto leader, has been caught in the middle.
By Klaus Larres
Cuba's Damas de Blanco
In 2003, Cuba imprisoned dozens of dissidents, lawyers, and journalists, whom it accused  of colluding with the West to bring down the government. A few weeks after the jailings, a group of women, many of them the wives of the political prisoners, took to the streets of Havana dressed in white—to signify innocence—and demanded the release of their family members. Although most of the prisoners were let go some years later, many of the women have been blacklisted and are unable to find work. And so, the group Damas de Blanco ("Ladies in White") persists.
Sadr, the Kingmaker
Washington will have to open a direct conversation with Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shia leader who once fought U.S. troops during the Iraq War and is now the de facto leader of the protests.
By Omar Al-Nidawi
Abenomics' Last Shot?
In a bid to rescue Abenomics, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appears to be considering a U-turn in which Tokyo would abandon fiscal consolidation in favor of fiscal stimulus aimed at spurring near-term growth. If he tries and fails to take one, public support for Abe, which has been relatively steady for three years, may begin to wane. 
By Tobias Harris
Greece's Next Bailout Battle
The Greek economic crisis, which has been dragging for six years, seems to be in a lull. But that pause may well prove to be temporary. In fact, a new round of turmoil related to bailout negotiations is in the offing.
By Stathis N. Kalyvas
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