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When Hospitals are Targets

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An injured man sits at a field hospital after what activists said was shelling by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in the Duma neighborhood of Damascus November 18, 2014.
When Hospitals are Targets
How International Law Failed in Syria
By Betcy Jose
An Egyptian policeman gestures from an observation tower is seen from the Israeli side of the border with Egypt's Sinai peninsula, in Israel's Negev Desert February 10, 2016.
Renewing the Alliance
How Egypt and Israel Saved Their Relationship
By Mohamed Soliman
Anti-Semitism and Terrorism
How the West Must Fight Both
By Jytte Klausen
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America's Weedpatches
Tent Cities for the Homeless By the Homeless
Abe Should Visit Pearl Harbor
If Obama heads to Hiroshima, Abe should go to Pearl Harbor.
By Zach Przystup
Turkey Beyond Borders
To genuinely appreciate Ankara’s struggle to maintain and police its southern border with Syria, it is worth going back further than ISIS. Since the Turkish Republic was born in 1923, the politics and economy of the Syrian frontier have vexed politicians and provincial residents alike.
By Ryan Gingeras
China's One-Child Mothers
In spite of China's new two-child policy, the trauma of China's one-child policy continues to linger.
By Su CiCi
Why Putin Took Crimea
Russia’s annexation of Crimea was neither an act of imperial revanchism nor a defensive response to NATO’s expansion, but an improvisation designed to achieve limited aims during a moment of crisis. In one sense, the lack of a larger plan is comforting—but it is also worrisome, since it suggests that Vladimir Putin is a risk-acceptant gambler. 
By Daniel Treisman
Read Our New Issue on Putin's Russia
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