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The Cultural Revolution, Fifty Years Later

Sponsored by Northeastern University
A visitor looks at porcelain figures of Mao Zedong at a private museum in Sichuan Province, China, May 2016. The echoes of the Cultural Revolution can be heard in today's Chinese politics.
The Cultural Revolution, Fifty Years Later
How It Echoes Today
By Xu Youyu
A U.S. Gas War With Russia?
The Realities of the Global Energy Market
By Nikos Tsafos
A Somali traffic policeman stands guard near the scene of a suicide car bomb explosion outside the traffic police headquarters in Somalia's capital Mogadishu May 9, 2016.
Somalia's Governance Problem
How Mogadishu's Stagnation Benefits al-Shabab
By Joshua Meservey
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Anti-Semitism and Terrorism
How the West Must Fight Both
By Jytte Klausen
Morocco's Islamic Exports
To combat terrorism and radicalism, Morocco has launched an extensive overhaul of how Islam is taught, interpreted, and promulgated to citizens.
By Ilan Berman
Virunga's Charcoal Cartel
Virunga's charcoal cartel is run by the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda. It is worth an estimated $35 million a year. But the costs to nature and human life are immeasurable.
By Holly Dranginis
Brazil's Next President?
If Dilma Rousseff is impeached, the current vice president, Michel Temer, might try to rescue Brazil from one of its darkest moments in recent history until the next elections in 2018.
By Moises Costa
Has South Africa Lost Its Way?
South Africa is in the middle of a period of political and economic unrest unlike anything the country has experienced since the end of apartheid in 1994. Students have regularly stormed the nation’s universities, labor unions have held strikes, and populist social movements have taken to the streets, protesting about poor living standards, low economic growth, high unemployment, and political stagnation.
By Jessica Piombo and Cherrel Africa
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