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The End of the Old Israel

Sponsored by Northeastern University
People wave flags at a convoy transporting the body of an Israeli woman killed in the recent violence between Israelis and Palestinians, near Efrat, a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, January 2016.
The End of the Old Israel
How Netanyahu Has Transformed the Nation
By Aluf Benn
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North Korea's Outsourced Workforce
Pyongyang has long outsourced its workforce, but defectors are now putting the system on its head.
By Jonathan Corrado and Brian Moore
The Rise of Extremism in Bangladesh
A wave of targeted murders in Bangladesh since 2013 has given observers reason to believe that the country might be the next victim of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS). In a little over two years, Islamist extremists have killed dozens of bloggers, secular activists, members of minority Muslim sects, Hindus, and even a Buddhist monk in Bangladesh.
By Joseph Allchin
Israel Among the Nations
For all the danger Israel faces today, the current turmoil in the Middle East has also created opportunities for the country to improve its strategic position. But these will come to naught unless the government can recognize and seize them.
By Robert M. Danin
Israel and the Post-American Middle East
Lamentations over the state of Israel have been a constant for 70 years, but never have they been so detached from reality. Today Israel is more globalized, prosperous, and democratic than at any time in its history. As the United States withdraws from the region, Israel is well positioned to hold its own.
By Martin Kramer
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