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Russia and Turkey's Rapprochement

Sponsored by Oxford University Press
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then Turkey's prime minister, in Istanbul, December 2012.
Russia and Turkey's Rapprochement
Don’t Expect an Equal Partnership
By Jeffrey Mankoff
Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers on the back of a Humvee patrol outside their base in Logar province, Afghanistan, February 2016.
Good News From Afghanistan
Kabul's Economic Reforms Take Shape
By Javid Ahmad
Trump holds a rally with supporters in Anaheim, California, May 2016.
American Political Decay or Renewal?
The Meaning of the 2016 Election
By Francis Fukuyama
Advertisement: Oxford University Press
by Gerard Toal

“In Near Abroad, the eminent political geographer Gerard Toal analyzes Russia's recent offensive actions in the near abroad, focusing in particular on the ways in which both the West and Russia have relied on Cold War-era rhetorical and emotional tropes that distort as much as they clarify. Toal provides a compelling analysis of the former USSR and the political quagmires that abound in the region, arguing that nations cannot attempt to approach modern geopolitical conflicts with old-fashioned concepts of distance and theorizing why and how small, local disputes so quickly escalate to the global scale in this day in age”

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Fishing With Sulfur and Fire
Modern Conquest
Land Grabs Are on the Rise
Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has shocked the world. We’ve covered the story from the start, and are delighted to present the first comprehensive analysis of it anywhere.

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Where the Turkish Military Fails, Egypt's Succeeds
The Turkish military has long been politically weak, to which its four previous coups and its abortive intervention last weekend attest.
By Steven A. Cook
Expand the Draft to Women
Female conscription could also help the armed forces fill professional gaps.
By Elisabeth Braw
Turkey's Troubling Turn
Before the failed military coup on July 15, Turkey was struggling to recover from a bombing and shoot-out that killed 45 people at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport on June 28. Although the attempted takeover complicates the country’s crackdown on terrorism, its security problems began long before this summer’s turmoil.
By Soner Cagaptay
Nigeria's Breaking Point
In Nigeria, Boko Haram’s campaign of terror has uprooted entire communities and claimed more than 50,000 lives.
By Hilary Matfess
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