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Where the Turkish Military Fails, Egypt's Succeeds

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A damaged window is pictured at the police headquarters in Ankara, Turkey, July 18, 2016.
Where the Turkish Military Fails, Egypt's Succeeds
Here's Why
By Steven A. Cook
The Karakal Battalion during its first winter training session, held in an open area in Southern Israel, November 13, 2007.
Expand the Draft to Women
How Europe Is Beefing Up the Armed Forces
By Elisabeth Braw
Turkey's Troubling Turn
Terrorism and Security After the Attempted Coup
By Soner Cagaptay
Advertisement: Oxford University Press
by Gerard Toal

“In Near Abroad, the eminent political geographer Gerard Toal analyzes Russia's recent offensive actions in the near abroad, focusing in particular on the ways in which both the West and Russia have relied on Cold War-era rhetorical and emotional tropes that distort as much as they clarify. Toal provides a compelling analysis of the former USSR and the political quagmires that abound in the region, arguing that nations cannot attempt to approach modern geopolitical conflicts with old-fashioned concepts of distance and theorizing why and how small, local disputes so quickly escalate to the global scale in this day in age”

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Nigeria's Breaking Point
Letter from Maiduguri
By Hilary Matfess
The Apocalypse in U.S. Political Thought
With the promise of a raucous Republican National Convention this week, Americans can expect Trump to double down on catastrophic despair and redemptive hope.
By Alison McQueen
Erdogan's Prophecy
From now on, Erdogan will not only be the president who successfully beat back an attempt to overthrow him—he will also be the one who was right all along.
By Michael J. Koplow
Which Brexit Will May Choose?
May faces an impossible tripartite task: to deliver on Brexit while at the same time keeping her party together and her country united. Realistically, she will have to choose two out of the three.
By Matthias Matthijs
Bridges to Nowhere
Over the past ten years, the BRICS—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—have built hundreds of grand infrastructure projects. But as these governments emphasized speedy, showy results, they paid less attention to quality, and corruption thrived.
By Christopher Sabatini
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