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What Europe Got Wrong About the NSA

A protester holds a mock bugging device during a demonstration against the National Security Agency (NSA) and in support of U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden in Frankfurt, July 27, 2013.
What Europe Got Wrong About the NSA
And Why Terrorism Might Change Its Mind About Spying
By Michèle Flournoy and Adam I. Klein
A taxi driver waves a Union Jack, London, June 24 2016.
Islamophobia and the New Britishness
How Brexit Revealed the Conservative Establishment's Intolerance
By Zaheer Kazmi
Russian Federation - Foreign Affairs
The Kremlin's Advantage
Why Cyberwar Will Continue
By Eugene B. Rumer
Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has shocked the world. We’ve covered the story from the start, and are delighted to present the first comprehensive analysis of it anywhere.

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Livni acknowledges her supporters at Kadima party headquarters in Tel Aviv, February 2009.
Anger and Hope
A Conversation With Tzipi Livni
Cyber Showdown
Most Kremlin offensives include an aggressive cyber component.
By Andrei Soldatov
The End of Hypocrisy
In the age of leaks, the United States will find it harder to act hypocritically and get away with it -- and so Washington may ultimately be compelled to start practicing what it preaches.
By Henry Farrell and Martha Finnemore
The Truth About American Unemployment
Fears of a “jobless recovery” have proved unfounded: the U.S. unemployment rate is now lower than it was before the financial crisis of 2008. Yet one aspect of the labor market has stubbornly refused to budge: the labor-force participation rate. Bold policies can improve how the U.S. labor market functions and help more Americans obtain higher-paying jobs.
By Jason Furman
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