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What Science Can't Explain

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Medical technicians in Singapore conduct MRI brain scans on a Kimodo dragon, August 2003.
What Science Can't Explain
A New Study Reveals the Blind Faith Behind Neuroscience
By Mikkel Krenchel and Christian Madsbjerg
Unwanted Help in Puerto Rico
The Unpromising PROMESA
By Isaac Rauch
Nationalist protestors in Warsaw, November 2015.
Poland's Constitutional Crisis
How the Law and Justice Party is Threatening Democracy
By R. Daniel Kelemen
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Georgia's Long Road to Europe
How the West Forgot About Tbilisi
By Andrew North
The rapidly changing global landscape presents challenges and opportunities for our leaders. As you evaluate graduate schools, consider how you can build a solid foundation on the past, prepare for the present, and be ready to adapt for the future. Learn from 29 of the top institutions in international affairs and public policy education. Click here >
Justice or Peace in Colombia
It will be the Colombian citizens who accept or reject the peace agreement with FARC and all that comes with it, including the premise that transitional justice is necessary, even if it isn’t fair. In the end, although justice won’t prevail, peace might.
By Christine Balling
ISIS' Lone-Wolf Strategy
A string of lone wolf terrorist attacks in France, Germany, the United States and elsewhere suggests that the phenomenon continues to spread and that it is growing increasingly lethal.
By Barak Mendelsohn
China’s Infrastructure Play
It’s time for the United States to drop its opposition to China’s massive Belt and Road infrastructure project. Providing selective support for some elements of it would boost the global economy, improve bilateral relations, and help steer China away from moves that threaten international order.
By Gal Luft
Preserving Primacy
During the Obama years, the United States’ influence has declined even as threats have grown. A new administration must retain a robust nuclear posture, experiment with new force structures and equipment, and underwrite it all with more spending on national security.
By Mac Thornberry and Andrew F. Krepinevich Jr.
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