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05 June 2015Interest Rates and Money Supply: Data on interest rates from the UK, eurozone and the US; a summary of the Bank of Englands quantitative easing policy; and the latest money supply data for the UK.

05 June 2015This briefing paper provides information about the workload, supply and retention of teachers, including some of the issues raised.

05 June 2015There are now many analysts who argue that sanctions do work, partly because of their increasingly sophisticated design. However, evidence remains mixed at best. Politicians may be finding them useful for other things than their stated aim of causing 'rogue' countries to choose a different policy

05 June 2015The UK will hold a referendum on whether to stay in the European Union by the end of 2017, after the Government has negotiated reforms which will benefit the UK. The Prime Minister is expected to outline these reforms to the European Council in June 2015. This paper provides a reading list of relevant articles on the UK's future in the EU.

05 June 2015An overview of rights and benefits afforded to carers in law, covering local authority assessments, employment rights, benefits and protection from discrimination.

05 June 2015Remotely Piloted or Unmanned Aircraft, more commonly known as drones, have been described as the most contentious conventional weapons system currently in use. This note provides an overview of their use by the UK armed forces.

04 June 2015If the UK left the EU, would UK citizens benefit? This would depend on how the Government filled any policy gaps left by withdrawal. In some areas, the environment, for example, where the UK is bound by other international agreements, much of the content of EU law would probably remain. In others, the government might decide to retain the substance of EU law, or to remove EU obligations from UK statutes. Much would also depend on whether the UK sought to remain in the European Economic Area and therefore continue to have access to the single market, or preferred to go it alone and negotiate bilateral agreements with the EU. This paper looks at the current situation in a range of policy areas and considers how it might change be if the UK left the EU.

04 June 2015There were repeated calls for an inquiry into the 2003 invasion of Iraq from 2003 until the announcement of the Chilcot Inquiry in 2009

04 June 2015New Psychoactive substances (commonly referred to as 'legal highs') are a relatively new challenge in drugs policy. This briefing covers the background to these substances, policies to target them, the current legislative framework and the New Psychoactive Substances Bill, recently announced in the Queen's Speech.

04 June 2015Judicial review is a type of court proceeding in which a judge reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action made by a public body.

04 June 2015Key statistics on the construction industry - employment, new orders, output. Also construction sector policy intitiatives.

04 June 2015This note provides an overview of the various measures in Part 2 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 aimed at enabling the police to monitor and manage sex offenders living in the local area. It considers the requirement for certain sex offenders to notify the police of personal information such as their name and address, and to update the police whenever this information changes. The police record of these notifications is commonly referred to as the "sex offenders' register". It also considers a range of civil orders that can be used to manage the behaviour of sex offenders.

04 June 2015The UK will hold a referendum on whether to stay in the European Union by the end of 2017, after the Government has negotiated reforms which will benefit the UK. The Prime Minister is expected to outline these reforms to the European Council in June 2015. What might the impact be of a decision to leave the EU? How would the UK leave? Would the UK join a different grouping of states or go it alone? Would EU or UK citizens or businesses have any vested rights? This paper considers the background to the EU referendum, the withdrawal process, various legal and constitutional issues and possible alternatives to EU membership.

04 June 2015This note outlines the development of EU legislation designed to improve the Single Market in equity investments through the MiFID, and now MiFID II, Directives.

04 June 2015This briefing provides detailed information on the welfare and employment support provisions in the Scotland Bill. The Bill is scheduled to receive its Second Reading on 8 June 2015. With the exception of a new power to top-up reserved benefits, there are no substantive differences between the welfare and employment provisions in the Bill and the previously published draft clauses.

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