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06-10-2016 01:21 PM CEST

Plenary sessions : All Parties to the Paris Agreement on climate change will need to step up their emission reduction pledges if the deal is to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees, and this includes the EUs targets for 2030, say MEPs in a resolution voted on Thursday. Having ratified the Paris deal on Tuesday, the EU is now focusing on the tools needed to achieve its goals, ahead of the next round of talks to take place in Marrakesh next month.

Source : European Union, 2016 - EP
06-10-2016 12:44 PM CEST

Plenary sessions : EU-wide safety rules are needed for more materials in contact with food, such as those used in packaging, kitchen utensils and tableware, say MEPs in a non-binding resolution voted on Thursday. They note that only some of these materials, such as plastics and ceramics, have been fully tested for safety for human health. Others, including varnishes and coatings, inks and adhesives, have yet to be fully tested.

Source : European Union, 2016 - EP
06-10-2016 12:41 PM CEST

Plenary sessions : The European Parliament opposed the European Commission plans to authorise five GMO products, maize Bt11, 1507 and MON810 (seeds and products), and a glyphosate-resistant cotton, in a vote on Thursday. MEPs reiterated their call for a reform of the EUs GMO authorisation procedure.

Source : European Union, 2016 - EP
06-10-2016 12:21 PM CEST

Plenary sessions : MEPs urge all parties in the Syrian war, and especially Russia and the Assad regime, to stop bombing civilians, in a resolution voted on Thursday. They condemn the recent attacks on hospitals and a humanitarian relief convoy and call on International Syria Support Group members to resume negotiations for a stable truce and an eventual peace deal in Syria.

Source : European Union, 2016 - EP
06-10-2016 12:15 PM CEST

Plenary sessions : Parliament condemns any act of intimidation, arrest, detention or prosecution of opposition party leaders, members and activists in Rwanda, the ongoing indiscriminate bombing of civilians and human rights breaches in Sudan, and the guilty verdict against worker's rights defender Andy Hall in Thailand, in three separate resolutions voted on Thursday.

Source : European Union, 2016 - EP
06-10-2016 12:10 PM CEST

Plenary sessions : An EU Commission proposal to tighten up existing rules for the Transparency Register, which lists independent organisations and other lobbyists seeking access to the EU institutions, was welcomed by MEPs in a debate on Wednesday evening. The changes would include the Council in the system alongside the Commission and Parliament, clarify definitions, improve monitoring and introduce penalties for breaches. MEPs debated the proposal on Wednesday evening.

Source : European Union, 2016 - EP

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