A potential daily close above the resistance level of $86.30, which represents the last significant Fibonacci resistance for Brent, could solidify the upward trend observed since early June, sparking a new wave of buying opportunities. This movement could be classified as a classic 1-2-3 pattern. Generally, both Brent and WTI continue to be seen in a bullish light.

Should Brent Crude oil prices break above $86.30, it could trigger another buying wave, this time pushing towards $88.50 and potentially reaching the yearly highs of $92.14. This scenario allows for profitable long positions in the final phase of the upward movement. Conversely, a drop below the 200-day moving average, currently at $83.71, might shift the future into a bearish territory, leading investors to expect declines towards $82.50 and even $80.68. However, this bearish scenario is not currently the favored outlook.

A daily close above the $86.30 threshold is within reach, which would then pave the way for a potential rise back to the yearly highs at $92.14. Utilizing the Open End Turbo Long Certificate WKN DQ4CW8, this scenario could yield a 70% return, with the target price for the certificate calculated at €12.40. However, it is crucial to limit losses, not allowing them to exceed the level of $84.75, resulting in a stop-loss price of €5.51 for the certificate. The investment horizon for this scenario is estimated to be only a few weeks.