Europe’s largest car manufacturer, Volkswagen, is holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) today, Wednesday. Unlike last year, when VW CEO Oliver Blume greeted shareholders at the CityCube in Berlin, this year’s meeting is once again being conducted entirely online. As a result, there are not expected to be any in-person protests like those that disrupted last year’s meeting. Officially, VW has attributed the return to a fully digital format to cost-saving reasons.

Last year, climate and human rights activists significantly disrupted the AGM. There were climate protests and road blockades around the meeting venue. Despite the digital format, protests are still anticipated.

Representatives of activist groups have criticised the decision to revert to a fully virtual meeting after two in-person gatherings. Ingo Speich from DekaBank stated, according to a pre-released speech transcript, “This is very regrettable and harms not only corporate but particularly shareholder culture in Germany.”

On Tuesday, news emerged regarding Volkswagen’s planned electric microcar. The company has decided to proceed without partnerships with other manufacturers. The vehicle, expected to cost around 20,000 euros, will now be developed independently. Volkswagen announced after a board meeting in Wolfsburg that the world premiere is scheduled for 2027. A previously considered cooperation with Renault did not materialise. The car will be manufactured in Europe, though VW has not yet specified an exact production location. However, production in Germany is considered unlikely.

Volkswagen’s stock has stabilised recently after a period of extremely poor performance since early 2021. The stock has surpassed the 38-day moving average and is now aiming for the annual high of 128.60 euros. On Tuesday, the stock gained more than two percent, possibly as dividend hunters took the opportunity to secure the anticipated dividend of 9.06 euros per preferred share.

Despite the ongoing year of transformation, VW’s stock has shown signs of stabilisation. If the stock maintains its strength, an attack on the annual high may soon be imminent. However, on Thursday, the stock will see a nominal setback as it will be traded ex-dividend. Investors should not be unsettled by this. They are advised to hold onto their shares. The target price for the stock set by AKTIONÄR is 140 euros.